I have always been interested in forms of consciousness, how they can be triggered and how they rupture or rapture. A lot of the early film work was the vision that a consciousness can construct. My very early drawings always tried to render the process of thinking. About 1994 I started to consider the consciousness we have when we dream. In particular I was curious about what IÕd call dream slip. That is when we have a bubble of dream consciousness whilst awake. IÕm not at all talking about daydreaming. Not in the sense of seeing a movie in your minds eye anyway. No what IÕm talking about is that extended and very focused thinking that often starts with for instance by observing a tiny pile of sugar chrystals on a table surface. A first we view it as a metaphore for lets say your relationships. A loose arrangement of individuals.   The first work that I really was conscious of this theme was in Deep Space Dracula. In this case I was dealing with Dream consciousness. Much of the time I go for some sort of an analogy of the process. I consider this has been most successful in the sculptural work Two Moments in Sync. In this work I rendered two faces into the one sculpture. Somewhat reminiscent of watching television with a slightly ghosted image. At the time I was in my meditations considering how long my self-image would sustain itself in my consciousness before it was replaced or more accurately rebuilt. I kept noticing how I can still my mind but on an ongoing When I considered what this doing it struck me that However it in an ongoing process I become away of my self and this restructure happens. The sculpture records this moment as if some sort of balance has occurred and a kind of slow and blissful transition is occurring. This is not a representation of a split in consciousness but a moment of harmonious shift from one to the other.


The other theme that runs through much of my work is environmental. I do however see the two as being completely linked.