(aka John E Hughes)

Animator-Sculptor- Interactive Media Artist

46 Hugo St Chippendale   Phone:612- 93105262   0402849589    j.hughes@unsw.edu.au

Installation and sculpture  
'Fragile Vortex'  installation Artspace 1997
'Collectorscope' installation Ivan Doherty (Perspecta 1999) 1999
'Human Tide' installation Olympic arts Festival 2000
'Animals in a Flooded Garden' sculptures Boutwell Draper Gallery 2001
'Stations Of The Cross' installation The Song Company Syd Town Hall 2004
'Out There' installation & video works Ivan Doherty Gallery 2006
'Approaching Intimacy' installation (Contemporary Miniatures)Ivan Doherty 2006
'Ruptured By Delight' solo sculpture Sheffer Gallery 2006
'Two Monks' Sydney Moving Image Collation 2006
'Epiphany' video installation Ivan Doherty Gallery 2007
'Placed' video installation and sculpture Damien Minton Gallery 2008

Animals Attacking People In Animal Costumes Damien Minton Gallery

Automatic Damien Minton Gallery 2010
Carbon Copy Sawmillers Art Prize 2010
Founding Member of 'Even Orchestra' (multimedia theatre) 1984 - 1988
On the Even Orchestra: "Their use of film is astonishing." "New York Post,  June 1988  
"We were astonished by  the freshness of invention." Cantrill's Film Notes, May 1988
Winner Brighton Festival Award U.K 1988  
'Nasty Piece Of Work'   Director/Co-writer  (Crossroads Theatre)            1990
'Brutus & Mingos Last Stand' 1999
Winner 1990 Harold Park comedy award 1999  
'The Mind Beneath' object theatre Sheffer Gallery & Damien Minton Gallery 2006
'I was a Middleaged Termite' Damien Minton Gallery 2008
I Was A Middle Aged Termite Art Gallery NSW            2009
'Monkey Business' 16mm collage 1980


'Iced Hopes of Dr Calastein' 16mm 1981
Diploma of Merit Hong Kong  
'A House is Better Than A Home' 8mm scratch animation 1981
'Lost Forgotten Object' 8mm 1981
'Meal' 16mm live action stopframe 1984
Broadccast on ABC mid 87  
'Germ Of An Idea' 16mm lifesized puppet stopframe 1984
Finalist Greater Union Award 86  
Diploma of Merit Melbourne Film Festival 86  
Broadcast ABC mid 87  
'Crust' 16mm 1987
Winner 1987 AFI Awards Best Animation  
Winner 1988 Melbourne Film Festival Best Animation  
Broadcast SBS 89  
'Home On The Drains' 16mm 1994
'Mingo and Brutus' (Puppet - animation series) 1994

Broadcast  as part of 'House Of Fun' channel 10 Jan 94

'The Wind Calls Your Name' selected in Sydney Film Fest 2004
Removed in Figuring Landscapes Tate Modern 2008
Web & Interactive Media  
'History Of Walking' (Top 10% of the web citation) 1996
Terraplanet.com  Development Director of Animation and  Mulitmedia 1999-2001



'Sic Rom'  Director, Writer, Developer

Interactive consol and pain management  system at The Sydney Children's Hosp 2002-2005
'Public Knowhow' 20min 1985
Nominated for AFI Awards: Best Short Drama, Best Short  

'Raft Of The Medusa' 30min

'Dark Aisle' 14 min Broadcast sbs 92 & 96 1992
'Because You Can' 14 min Broadcast sbs 92 & 96 1992
Music Video  
'Let's Cook' Mental As Anything 1982
Exhibited at Museum of Modern Art, New York  
'Close Again' Mental As Anything 1983
'Eternally Yours' Laughing Clowns 1984
'So Strong' Mental As Anything 1985
'Tell Me' Samurai Trash 1985