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Hobart Hughes aka John E Hughes Biography

Hobart is a sculptor, animator and multimedia artists.Hobart graduated from City Art Institute in 1979 . After some experiments with different forms of animation received a grant to develop an animation on the History of fashion. This project saw the development of the Animation Co Op in Darlinghurst. Not long after this Hobart and Bruce Currie formed the Even Orchestra. The group was a multi media animation-theatre and we performed and toured nationally  internationally for the next eight years. Throughout this period Hobart produced eight animated films. 'Monkey Business, 'Iced Hopes Of Dr Calastein', 'Bride Of Frankstein', 'Lost Forgotten Object', 'Meal', 'Germ Of An Idea', 'Crust Ō AFI Award.

In 1982 Hobart started work on a film clip for Sydney band Mental As Anything. The clip was chosen for an exhibition on the art of the music video at the Museum Of Modern Art in New York. Over the next six years Hobart produced six film clips.   Hobart also has produced several drama 'PUBLIC KNOWHOW 1985' AFI finalist, 'RAFT OF THE MEDUSA'1990, 'DARK AISLE 93' , 'BECAUSE YOU CAN 94'  

1999 Hobart developed an animated web site for Juice magazine. He then went on to develop animated web interface designs for Monument Magazine and the Commonwealth Bank. This work led Hobart to develop in conjunction with the Pain Management Research unit of the Sydney ChildrenÕs Hospital and interactive pain management software called Sic Rom 2005.  

From 1993 Hobart started developing installation art and looking at way of combining animation with sculpture. Fragile Vortex'  Artspace 1997, Theatre Of Museums 1998 Collectorscope' Ivan Doherty (Perspecta 1999) Human Tide' Olympic arts Festival

From 2000 he next seriously consider object sculpture and in particular wood carving and construction this led to the show Animals in a Flooded Garden Boutwell Draper . 2000Galley 2001 Stations Of The Cross. Sydney Town Hall 2004  Out There Ivan Doherty  2005In his next show Ruptured By Delight, a solo show of sculpture at Sheffer Gallery 2005, Hobart developed a method of projecting an animated version of the sculpture back onto of the same sculpture givinig the appearance of a hologram. Hobart then set about developing this method further with. .Approaching Intimacy (Contemporary Miniatures)Ivan Doherty 2006, Two Monks Sydney Moving Image Collation March 06 and "Family Holiday` Ivan Doherty Gallery May 2007

After a trip to Broken Hill in 2004 Hobart started experiments with Landscape animation producing some interesting experiments until he produced his first finished film using thes work method titled. The Wind Calls Your Name 2004 Which screened at the 2005 Sydney Film Festival. This was followed by Removed2005 which screened at the 2006 Sydney Film Festival and then Shiver 06.                                                                                            

From 2005 Hobart made a return to performance with the development of The Mind Beneath Sydney Moving Image Collation April & Damien Minton Gallery 2006. This performance uses amongst other things, a model town, a giant termite, animation, a sound effect plactic horse, puppets, projections and Gandi. Hobart sits in the centre of this multimedia box and spins a tale of nature, consciousness and misplaced sexual tension.

Hobart is currently working on several film projects, carving new works for a sculpture show in 2008 at Damien Minton Gallery, other collobrative projects.                                                                              

Hobart has been a lecturer in Time Based Art College of Fine Arts  1995 - 2007