I will be dropping a sculpture this week on Sunday 26th July 12 pm in Newtown Cemetry at coordinates S33.89475 E151.17895

You are looking out for one of these. One or more of these will be dropped in the location.

or if you found a sculpture, choose which sculpture you found and read what they have to say about why they exist.

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What is Dropped?

Dropped are a set of concrete cast sculptures that I leave around the city for anybody to find and keep.

Written about dropped

In a very real sense each sculpture or any artwork will contain a holographic set of emotional responses and understandings that is a slice of reality or a recording of presence. Perhaps because I have worked in story based mediums like performance, animation and film I'm keyed into characters. Most writers have experienced the real relationship that evolves between themselves and their characters. I think it's what happens in our relationship with our dreams. We know that they are not real yet they are very rea emotionsl.

I give these away because I can, because it creates a new relationship to those people who find them and because only people who see some sort of reality recorded in them will pick them up. It’s a filter.