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Iceberg and CO2 (aq) + H2O-H2CO3 - HCO3− + H+ - CO32− + 2 H+.



The major work is entitled “Iceberg” The work is constructed partly from flotsam material jettisoned onto various beaches on Kefolionia and depictions of zooplanktons made with air polymer clay.   The top section depicts a container ship, which both gives scale to the size of the iceberg as well as making a reflective reference to sea commerce, bilge water contamination and ships sinking from collisions with icebergs and when put into context with the bottom section depicting an iceberg the idea of the limited amount of time we have as the ice berg melts, curiously it’s sort of like the shape of Antarctic.  It also located geographically how far an iceberg might drift after detaching from either sea ice packs or from glacial collapse. and it’s man-made and biological content apart from water. The work employs various kinds of metaphoric devices and is conceived as a way to intersect and reflect these concepts against each other. It also deploys various kinds of scale that reflect the kinds of proportions of man-made materials to the bio mass contained in that amount of iceberg. The zooplanktons is both an insight to the adaptability of natural systems to colonize new environments. However this same ability to interact with the environment also indicated the level of disturbance to systems that humans depend on. The acidification of the oceans destroys the ability of these life forms to build skeletons and to therefore produce oxygen. Most of the world’s breathable air comes from the top few centimetres of ocean. 

Yet I felt that this was not a strong enough work alone. I was playing with some of the smaller zooplankton I hadn’t used and randomly some of them were arranged in a circle and I had an intuitive flash of the formula or is it called a reaction but anyway I’d seen the acidification process in sea water written as chemical reaction and thought I could make enough of them to spell it out. It took about three days to make the two hundred and four sculptures. One of the other artists did comment to me that it must have taken a lot of patience but in fact it was amazingly easy. Each one took a very few minutes or , so there was always a result coming. Honestly each time I started to make one I’d have no idea of what I was going to do, they just came of their own accord.