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Lacnanian Poseidon

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I made this work in a residency on Kefalonia which was part of this collection. It ended up being a kind of Lacanian psychoanalytic
 As I made the basic structure of the work with the large Poseidon face looking at the small figure in the boat, (seen in the image on the next page) that is being washed around on a sea that has eyes embedded into I was struck by how Freudian the Greek Myths are or perhaps how much of Freud's view of basic psychological mechanisms was mirrored in to these myths. This basic form seemed to me accidently a perfect rendition of ego, in the boat, super ego, the large head, and id the undercurrent base creature. All this just happened without me trying to construct it. However I wanted to then construct some mechanism of how these self entities operate against each other and I recalled an idea from Zizek  about the assistance we need from fantasy to construct reality in context with our experience. I thought I’d make a speech bubble with some word on it creating the sense of an inner voice from the Super ego issuing commands. However when I was installing the work I looked at a small head of a child that had it’s hair trailing out like some sort of ghost. It looked like the speech bubble I was thinking of making but here it was; I'd made it totally unconsciously but yet it fitted perfectly. I’d no idea why I made it but the proportions were all even, the baby’s head is about as big to the figure in the boat as the baby's head is smaller to the large Poseidon face. It matched what I wanted to say better than a speech bubble with a word, different but still constructing a mechanism of modifying a fantasy as a way of delivering oneself from an intolerable situation.