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"The Wind Calls Your Name" Flash video.

The film will take some moments to buffet and play

The bulk of this film was shot over a week in and around Broken Hill in Western New South Wales in Australia. I'd spent some time out there on two previous trips where I'd been making animations with a small digital still camera. I was amazed at the sensation of invention of new animation methods. Yes it's all stop frame and time lapse but I found I was doing things with it that I'd never done or seen. This is something that animation always does. It is almost traditional that you invent a form for yourself. Because you are working at the molecular level of film you can and do restructure time. As the Canadian animator Caroline Leaf says "Its a very dense medium" I had lost this sense lost my itch for creation with animation. These small cameras provided such a sense of freedom and flexibility. You can produce without processing and production or even tape.