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The film is dedicated to F W Murnau, the German Expressionist filmmaker and creator of Nosfaratu. I suppose it is the shadow of the vampire that we see crocked and threaten that was a kind of reference or starting point. But unlike Murnau I have set the film in the daylight.  The history of the unnatural has always been connected with the night and with the unconscious. This history seems to play off our fear of what we refuse to see. Most human cultures have been pitted against nature, which has been seen as the chaos that our societies insulate us from.  I now feel that in the early part of the Twenty First century our fears are slowly turning into a fear of our minds and of the ego and it’s destructive vengeance when cornered.

I would call the film a daytime ghost story. The notion being that we now are fearful of the sun and our dangerous relationship with the climate. More directly however it is an allegory of our relationship our own minds. In this respect I also wanted to illuminate how the ego can reel out with a line of logic that appears to be real within a logic that is removed from what is or what needs to be. This mind is a negative illusion created by an absence of presence. The figure is in fact myself and the source of the shadow. In this respect it is the ego murdering itself. It is intentional that this relationship is not directly refrences. They are two characters and there is nothing but the blank shape that matches the solid figure that connects them.  This is intentional, as I only wanted an unconscious connection.  It is indeed what happens, we are usually blind to our own self-destruction. It is indeed a common fear that our linear thought process indeed will undo all the civilization we have struggled so hard to achieve and that it will be by same mind that made so much of our civilization possible. This is not to say that the ego is not without beauty and the capacity for creativity. The first half of the film the shadow self is seeking connection with its reality that it has been removed from.  It is drawn to move the objects and detritus of the real. It seems as though somehow it would be possible. This story however is about the failure of the ego to reconnect with reality.

Landscape in the film is portrayed as the empty spaces that have been discarded. The wandering of this conscious spirit within this empty space seems as though it is searching for a connection that will never be.