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In Neapoli I’d stayed with a warmest bunch of folks you could hope to meet. I met them on the site at Mycenae and they told me they had some interesting  caves in their back yard. The drive up to their place is through a quarry used by the Spartans. As you come up a slight rise to their three houses you see a small run of cliff dotted with caves. All sorts of coverings have been made for these caves. These sites of habitation have never been dated but they have the feel that people have been there since people were around in Europe. I’d seen Neolithic caves along this coast at Diros and I can’t see why these caves would not be used. They are close to the sea on a slightly raised ridge. Have a look on the movie. The largest cave just behind their house had at one point been made a very nice home. All sorts of features had been cut into the soft rock and what looks like basins and shelves had been made this way. The stone from this area was highly prized as a building material it has great compressive strength but is very light. The Spartan quarry is just a stones throw away and we are more or less on the Spartan sea port. Perhaps not just generations of people have been using these caves but epochs of people have been using them. When the Melidoms bought the three houses the caves had been the home of a local who had raised a family of ten or was it twelve. No one has studied them or the square base just up on the cliff top or the graves cut into the rock foreshore. Have a look at the Neopoli movie and try and figure what kind of series of renovations these caves had been through. I think my point here is that history is thick on the ground here. Sure not every house in Greece is like the Melidoms but I bet every area has many small shrines, ruins or at least an early model Peugeot.
As for the current owners I can’t think of better custodians. It’s a family of writers, historians, restaurateurs, musicians and a psychologists. We sat in one of the seven available terraces, landing strips for living, till late into the night eating drinking and talking the legs off the dead.  George read the first chapter of a blood gushing pirate story he is doing that is based on one of his father’s stories. He also read a vividly imagined psychological novel and played a CD of his band. You couldn’t fit more creativity into a square inch of any historical potent backyard.