HOBART HUGHES ........to road movies

Mysterious Mystras perched high on the steep slopes of Mt Taygetos. It’s hard to take in just how much there is. I only started filming half way up the hill. It’s the Mary Celest of ruins deserted (but for a monastery) yet with so much of the majesty and intimacy of the place haunting it’s narrow streets. As you can see in the film you can wander into many of the houses and administrative buildings and the spaces are all so different. One of the most telling objects was a remodelled dress that was reconstructed from fragments. It was a version of what fashionable girls were wearing in Paris, Rome. Looking at it evoked such a sense of an individual growing up in this bird cage of a city. Much of it’s structure is about wealth and it’s defence. You really wouldn’t build a city on a slope this steep without a good reason. It reigned once as the effective capital of the Bizantine Empire. It ran as a city from 1249 to 1460  when the Turks ransacked the city.  I don’t know how they managed as it looks impossible. Trouble with and fortress however you are cut off from the real source of power food and water. The final time-lapse is looking up the rest of the mountain from on top of the inner fort, the highest place in the city.