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I’m taking some time out from archeological sites and the like to spend a week in the sparkling gem of a town called Kardamyli. It was made famous by the travel writer Sir Patric Leigh Fermor, who wrote about his rambles in the Mani: Travels in the Southern Peloponnese. That’s a direct quote from the Lonley Planet guide. But there’s a good reason someone would
write about this place. It’s gorgeous. Bruce Chatwin ashes are scattered her so it seems like it the place attracts and people get stuck.To get here you climb up the mountain behind Kalamarta (yes where the olives from from) and cross a series of huge gorges to arrive on what must be one of the prettiest sections of costline anywhere.  Im sitting on my balcony with a view of the town which tumbles down to the sea. It’s all quite affordable as well.  Meet a really interesting couple from holland who are helping me with research and are good drinking buddies as well. Just had dinner in the local Taverna and had a perfect stuffed pepper with a killer sauce for 5 Euros. My room is 30e a night with a full kitchen. The three sisters run it and we all flirt just for the sheer fun of it. I’d like to stay here a month.

Just saw the most unstylish man in history. He was obese and was swimming in y fronts that were pulled up so high that they strained the bounds of the overlap cock pocket to near breaking point. I couldn't but help admire his total freedom from any sense of style or any and I mean any sense. Although I did admire this in some strange way I'm happy to have some hang up after all.

The movie is a track from my apartment up to the first hill overlooking the town. From there I track along the george and then descend in search of a fountain that ended up being a tap. Found a sort of holding pen of monks and a jar of salt in a wall.