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I heard a lot about the reserve of the Japanese character but on the whole I’ve not found it to be the case. Sure I see tightly held people who seem to contain their expectations. But not so much and not as many as those that just beam at you with the slightest encouragement. I can be a tad wacky, just ask my daughter, maybe this helps. I seem to bring something that the Japanese like I suppose. I keep producing groups of happy laughing people. Perhaps you smile and consider the wicked fun they are having. I know that kind of harsh laughter and this is fun and not the slightest bit up a sleve. I have an outdoor style, a way of amusing my world and seeking out the other odd ball who love to make silly while the sun shines. But there are as many playful souls here than any place I have been. Maybe a bit of it is because I have skirted the cities and gone straight into the countryside.

My friend Jude Brand runs a B&B south of Tokyo one bite in to the western side of Tokyo Bay. Her neighbour is growing rice on a small plot. Many people buy into these rice crops for the express reason of having the experience of growing a crop. The man does not own the land or live there. He is, with a group of others, share cropping. He was full of a kind of rice glow as he admired his green beauty. It was impossible to be in this mans presence and not be enthusiastic about this rice. Jude arranged to be part of next years crop. This means she has to help with the planting and harvesting. She can bring two friends along and she gets a split of the profits. Maybe for some it is about the money but there is a overriding sense that this is just a good thing to do. To see the crop in all it’s stages.

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