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We left our farmer to beam at his crop climbed the hill through what appears to be a rainforest. I call it a rainforest but most of it disappears in winter. To my eyes it appears thus overrun by creepers at the edge and containing tangled vines under a thick canopy. Once you reach the top of the hill you walk along the ridge line through thick forest. Someone has planted a crop up on this ridge in the middle of this small National Park. Jude has not been able to find out who but she suspects that everyone knows exactly who but it would be rude to say it outright. This is perhaps how the reserve works. It operated as a flexible blind eye. We continued on and after about a kilometre we emerged in a huge kids playground dominated by a life sized Godzille. When I say life size I mean how big he looks next to the scale models not the man sized costume version. He has a slippery dip coming out of his tail.

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