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Extreme close up of an eye from inside a costume. A small circle of light is landing around the eyelid. Some movement can be seen in the reflection of the eye. POV tracking along a paper street . Paper houses, paper dust bins, paper people. A hand is held up to camera -it’s made of maps. Rivers run down the fingers, swamps are in the palms, contour ridges are on the finger tips. A man covered in tissue paper, that resembles loose skin being blown in the wind walks in and starts to sing in a sad wispy voice “To Dream The Impossible Dream” .

The woman (POV/VO)
"Everything looks pale and fragile, including me, especially my toes. I can sense them in my shoes glowing like lumonous frogs. This the set of a play,...... in fact .....I'm acting in it; but I can’t remember any of the lines, Oh shit.
I could sneak out the back somewhere."